New Russian club in Cheltenham, UK

Plans are afoot to launch a Russian club in Cheltenham in 2020, to support learners and native speakers of Russian, and to encourage friendly links between Cheltenham and its twin town Sochi.

Please subscribe to this website for updates if you would like to attend a meetup. All are welcome whatever your level of Russian!

The club will have two aims:

* supporting Cheltenham residents who wish to learn and practise Russian, and

* social events supporting Cheltenham’s twinning links with Sochi ~ no knowledge of Russian is needed!

We are keen to host events for anyone with an interest in Russia and Russian culture, and to provide opportunities to speak and learn Russian for beginners, more advanced learners and native speaker/bilingual families.

If you would like to be involved in running events and would consider joining the Cheltenham Russian Club committee, please email us via this contact form.

Find out more…

Why is Cheltenham twinned with Sochi?

Dialogue Russian language school, Cheltenham

Cheltenham Twinning Association

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